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15 years of experience

Although ARCHINOVA is a young and dynamic company, it gathers a team of well-experienced engineers with more than 15 years of experience in large scale architectural projects in various phases of development, design and construction. The experience has been acquired through projects for office buildings,

hotels, luxury residences and industrial facilities; for each project to be, a team of experts corresponding to project task is formed, regardless of project size, local or multinational context, or conceptual, design and executional level of the project.


Architecture Business Concept

Research approach which precedes the project is focused on finding the most adequate solution for the situation given and the project we confront. Individual approach, focusing on client and the project requirements,

immediacy, availability and speed – these are only some of our advantages in business. Specialty in workspace design has the research base and the research results are used in practice.


Performance Improvement

ARCHINOVA focuses on business and workspace design at present; the concept is directed to new workspace models development in order to improve performance and satisfaction of companies and their employees.

Considering that the SPACE may stand for TOOLS OF WORK, there are researches currently being conducted on architectural space contribution to performance management, through perceptional and structural workspace elements.


Meet The Team

Archinova was founded by Vesna Krizmanic – after graduating from Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade as the best student, she continues her professional career in practice, doing researches and projects. For more than 15 years already, as a leader or a team member, she has been running projects of office buildings, residence, commercial and industrial facilities.


She is a member of Engineering Chamber of Serbia, DAB and MENSA. She is the founder and organizer of international BLOK conference, which organizes lectures, exhibitions and round tables on current issues in the field of architecture and design. Currently, she is actively engaged in researching the development of new workspace forms and creation of workspace development strategy, through linking work performance with spatial - architectural solutions and performance management.


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